Summer Shields by Childe

Last year I came across Australian Brand Childe and instantly fell in love with their collection, their story and their determination to do things their way. My collection of Sunglasses from them has steadily grown over the last 12 months so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw them pushing the boundaries – again- by releasing two very unique Shield sunglasses.

CHILDE Tuppaware

You all know I love a good story. And the ‘Komodo’ Sunglass sure has a good one. Originally designed as an acetate frame with inspiration coming from the 1950’s sunglass era, the end result is far from today’s ‘wrap sports shields’ – this is designed for fashion, making a statement and the WOW factor. Childe designer Jon was discussing the idea with the manufacturer in the early stages, who suggested seeing the design in a single lens shield. When the sample arrived, Jon just knew it was the right way to go.

“When we received the sample it was WILD and we were like WOW so we just had to do it.”

You can still see the 1950’s detailing in the temples, but what grabs my attention is the butterfly shaping of the lens. It’s feminine but edgy, fashion but rock and unique in a way that the wearer just won’t care whether you like it or not. Everything that Childe stands for.

Available in 3 colourways which are all completely different to each other, this model is not ‘on trend’ – its leading the trends.


The words ‘Limited Edition’ get me Every. Single. Time. It’s seriously a problem haha. So when the ‘Tuppaware’ sunglass was being teased on Social Media, I was in. 200%, I was going to get myself a pair of them ASAP. Although I don’t wear them every day, when I do – on those occasions where I truly want to be noticed – they work a charm.

CHILDE Tuppaware

Designed with inspiration and input from vocalist Shelly Fitspatrick of the Sydney band The Tuppaware Party, the Tuppaware model is an extreme sweeping Cats Eye perfect for narrow faces.

“Shelly loves a cat eye but she wanted something with more flair and we wanted to develop a style that embellished her confidence and on stage sass while performing” – Jon, CHILDE.

Tuppaware is sophisticated. It’s Sexy. It’s fun. It demands attention then poses for pictures looking sassy, classy and elegant before the wearer has a chance to think. If I ever get myself and my drums back to gigging, these will be my go-to pair for demanding the stage.

Also available in 3 different colourways, these limited edition sunnies are bound to be a highlight of any eyewear collection.


Both Shields are designed in Australia, hand made in Italy, in a 4 base curve and feature temples made from a plant based grilamide polymer. If you’re after something different this summer, the Childe website is well worth investigating. All of their designs are trend-breaking, high quality and really well priced – you won’t be sorry you searched.

Em x




Enhance your style with RAEN

The Raen customer is not a trendsetter. They’re not looking at fashion sites, or stressing over how many likes or followers they have on Instagram. The Raen customer is outside enjoying life. They’re exploring, laughing, creating and being uniquely themselves. They’re the type of people that always look stylish because they are true to themselves. Trends will come and go, but true style will always win.

Raen are all about the Californian lifestyle – which correlates to the way we enjoy the outdoors here in Australia. Sunshine, fresh air, and nature have inspired the Raen collection, which focuses on creating pieces that are ‘inspired by the classics, handmade for today’.

With both sun and optical options for men and women, the overall feel of the collection is minimalist, understated style. This range is not designed to stand out, but more to compliment the wearers own unique personality. With frames made from premium quality Acetates and metals, and lenses made by Zeiss (industry leaders), a purchase form Raen is one that you know is going to last.

The current collection features vintage shaped metal frames, and the classic styling of golden honey acetates in rounded medium size shapes that appeal to all. What I really like about this collection is the quality in simplicity. The designs have beautiful smooth lines and are all extremely comfortable to wear. All models have the ability to have prescription lenses into them, making the Raen collection a true dual purpose option. The use of classic tortoiseshell, black and pastel crystal acetates will appeal to a large range of wearers, who are after eyewear that they love now and will for a long time yet.

If you’re after a range that guarantees value for money and a look that will work with your unique personality, this is a range well worth investigating.

To find out more, visit
The Eyewear Girl xo



Avanti Sun

The Brand ‘Avanti’ is very well known across the Australian optical industry as an affordable, colourful and durable option for independent practices. For years it has been on shelves as a respected addition to a stores range, with on trend shapes, a variety of colours and something that a dispenser would not be discouraged from recommending as an entry level option, due to its history of longevity.

I’m not even kidding that my mum still has a pair beside the bed that she purchased over 20 years ago!

At omega19 this year in Melbourne, Directors Mark Wymond and Lisa Wymond along with long time Mod Style Sales Rep Peter Bienvenue  launched their new range, Avanti Sun.


The Avanti Sun collection consists of 12 models so far, each in three colour ways. They are all easy to fit with prescription lenses, are made of extremely high quality materials, and are at the same price point as their prescription frames. Designed to be an easy second pair or an affordable option for Prescription lens wearers, the reaction to the collection has already been extremely positive.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few samples to play with before the launch and the first thing I noticed was the colour work in the acetate. Bright, fun and modern, the collection has just enough spark about them to appeal to a wide consumer base without being something that will date too quickly. They are extremely comfortable, will easily fit a wide range of prescriptions and of course come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Avanti Sun Binalong
Avanti Sun Binalong


I recently caught up with one of the designers, and Sales Representative for the Avanti Sun Range, Peter Bienvenu, to discuss where the range started, and how it’s been received so far.

PB: “We had never had a sunglass collection in Mod style in either Avanti or Eclipse, even though we’ve had the brand for 38 years.

“We wanted to be able to offer a sunglass option that was value for money, but also

Peter Bienvenu

create a collection that was about style, shape and colour.

“As always, quality is important to us, and the Avanti sun features European Spring hinges and we sourced our Acetates from some of the worlds best acetate manufacturers.

“There is something for everyone in this range, with Ladies fashion styles, Hipster, Aviator and traditional shapes. Another good thing about the collection is that all models are extremely versatile and can appeal to wide age demographic.

“The feedback from OMEGA19 and the wider optical industry has been amazing, we have a lot of support already and are proud of all of our customers’ initial reports. We have more designs planned for the future and plenty of room for growth.”

Mini Moke
Pic courtesy of Lisa Wymond


The Avanti Sun Range is designed in Australia by Mark, Lisa and Peter, and they have incorporated some of our iconic beaches in the model names. Bells, Mandalay and Noosa all make an appearance. The Range was launched at OMEGA19 with the help of the iconic Mini Moke, which of course drew plenty of attention. Mod Style have reported that due to the launch of Avanti Sun, it was -unsurprisingly – one of their busiest shows to date.


Whether you’re looking for a new sunglass for summer, or an affordable quality sun range for your practice, Avanti sun are definitely worth investigating.

For more info:

or call

1800 338 812

The Eyewear Girl x


Chroma Pop by Smith Optics

Let’s talk prescription sunglass lenses for a minute.

Luckily for me, my prescription has been mainly for computer use and reading but I’m starting to now find it beneficial for driving as well, so it seemed VERY appropriate for me to try a pair of prescription sunglasses.

And when I was told about the new ‘Chroma-pop’ prescription lens technology being released by Smith Optics, I thought that would be a great place to start!

So on top of having a frame that is lightweight, comfortable, and a classic style that is going to be timeless, the lenses were honestly even more impressive than I expected them to be.

Chroma pop technology not only creates a prescription lens that gives you extremely precise vision in a wrapped sunglass frame, but also focuses on individual colour enhancement so that your eyes can see brighter tones with less eye strain.

I’ve tested these lenses out when driving, walking, running in the rain , on the sand, lakes and ocean and all of these times I forgot I even had them on!

In summary, if you’re looking for an investment prescription pair of sunglasses, especially those of you who lead an active lifestyle, @smithoptics is definitely one brand to look into.

@smithoptics welcome to the prescription family!

Eyewear: Smith Cheetah Tort with Bronze polarised RX lenses



Winter Sun with Vera Wang

In a world where  lot of fashion designers are releasing eyewear collections but having nothing to actually do with the design, I think its important to appreciate the people that DO actually design these pieces.

Does Vera Wang actually have anything to do with the design process of her eyewear? I honestly don’t know, but someone – either one of her designers or herself – got this model VERY right.

Vera Wang V475 TO

I was lucky enough to be sent this model for review, and while I’m not a huge fan of round sunglasses (as they are usually not the right shape for my face), this particular one has a difference to others I’ve recently tried- It’s all in the shape.


It may look like its ‘just round’, but the designers have actually given the lower outside a bit of a ‘lift’ in the shape. When on the face this creates a more feminine look overall compared to a true round, and works on a wider variety of faces.

What else made me give this model my tick of approval?

The subtle taupe colour of the acetate. It goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Its as classic as a little black dress but with a more subtle way of making a statement.

The thin metal details mean that this model is lightweight and not overstated. The brushed finish on the soft gold colour of the metal means it can also be worn with yellow gold, rose gold or silver accessories and not clash.img_6569

And finally, the soft graduated brown lens is a perfect match for the rest of the design. It blends perfectly with the light coloured frame but is still enough of a tint to offer decent glare reduction, especially in winter or on overcast days.


So, while this model carries a designer and name, the details and thought process that has gone into its design makes it well worthy of a look.It would be great investment piece as while its extremely on trend now, its not so uniquely on trend that it will be off any time soon.




Valley Eyewear – Seylah

By now you all know how passionate I am about Eyewear representing your personality. Whether it be Prescription or not, Sunglasses or Optical frames, wearing any type of Eyewear should be a reflection of YOU.

And finally, I have found my Sunglass MATCH!!

A little bit rock, a little bit girly and very loud – this is me all over! Just ask anyone that knows me 😉

I am so excited to finally own my own pair of Valley Sunglasses, and although I’ve only worn them a couple of times so far, each time I do go out in them they sure do get attention!

I was drawn to these for a number of reasons. Firstly, I know that a cats-eye shape is the best for me. It’s taken many years of denial, convincing, mentally arguing with myself and playing with 100’s of shapes to get to this point, but almost every cats-eye frame I try on works with my face shape.

Secondly, it was the colour. I’m not usually one for pink, but the soft graduation in the acetate through to the crystal at the bottom gave this an edge that you don’t usually see with pastels, and I’m always up for something  a little different. This particular hue of pink will also work on most skin tones as close to a neutral, and will not clash with many colours at all.img_3415

Lastly, the detail. The gunmetal / silver ‘brow’ gives these their edge, and their designers have somehow managed to get the balance just right, so that the detail is noticed, but doesn’t make the wearer look like Frida Kahlo (love her btw).


Of course fit and comfort are always incredibly important too, and these fit like a glove the second I unpacked them. If you have a petite face, these are defiantly with a look.

I can’t wait to see what Valley release nest, I’m sure I’ll be investing in a second pair from them very soon!

Eyewear: Valley Eyewear Seylah Baby pink / Crystal.


The Eyewear Girl does MIDO 2019

MIDO 2019 – Where oh where do I start?

My whirlwind of a month started 3 weeks before MIDO, when I found out I had been sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency to attend.

Yes, that’s right…3 weeks’ notice to attend one of the top experiences on my  work bucket list!

So with my newly started identity (theeyeweargirl) , thrown together business cards, a last minute (VERY expensive) passport and an open mind, I headed off from my small town coastal home town in Victoria, Australia to Milan.

Having been in the Australian optical industry for over 17 years, I’d heard many stories about MIDO – the size, the product etc but nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience.

Ultra Eyewear @MIDO


The 7 halls of innovative materials, products and technology instantly made me feel like an ant. Tiny. My passion for quality product has been there from the start but what I’d been exposed to before now was nothing in comparison.

My role as The Eyewear Girl is to give confidence to the consumers in Australia to ask questions and understand what they are spending their money on. To experiment and not just follow the ‘branded crowds’, and that it is worth understanding and investing in the right product.

MIDO opened my eyes to a world of opportunities and grew my passion for quality even more.

Pugnale Eyewear @MIDO


Obviously there were a LOT of beautiful frames, new colours, material combinations, brand launches and opportunities to see new release products before the rest of the world. Then, there were the displays and marketing ideas, that feel like an extension of the brand rather than just a ‘standard pillar’ window display.

But for me, this was all secondary.

What truly got me, was the people. I was blown away by the passion of the designers for their products. Their reasoning for being so meticulous with their design and material choices, their brand and model stories and their willingness to share themselves and ask questions to help us broaden our understanding of their craftsmanship. There is NOTHING like someone that has unwavering commitment to their craft and their passion is contagious. I couldn’t help but appreciate how much these designs are more a work of art than just a ‘frame’.




I’ve always been an advocate for eyewear being an extension of someone’s personality, and MIDO sure delivered that idea in spades.

I came away from MIDO with so many things

–       A bigger appreciation for people behind the brands

–       A fascination for asking ‘Why’ to every design decision

–       Many new relationships and industry friends

–       Inspiration to embrace individuality in every single form

–       An obsession with colour

–       A sound belief that while I may only be one person, I’m going make a difference in the Australian Eyewear Industry. ‘Quality Eyewear’ in Australia is worlds away from what our end consumer thinks it is, and MIDO showed me even more how important education to our consumers really is.

Daniel Hector Eyewear @MIDO

MIDO for me was an eye opener. In between running from booth to booth to help select new product I couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone was. It’s exciting to be surrounded by like-minded people who appreciate quality.

So, will I be attending again? OF COURSE!

I’ll also be pushing every way I can to get to as many more shows and events that I can so that I can help inspire people to appreciate our Industry and the people behind it.

And if someone were to ask me why I would suggest attending MIDO? Because there is no better way to be inspired, than directly from the source.