5 min intro: Booth and Bruce

“The amount of time and effort you put into selecting your eyewear is mirrored by how you feel when you wear it.

It’s like buying a pair of pants from a sales bin, vs getting custom fitted at a boutique. You get what you pay for and your face will show it every time you wear them” -The Eyewear Girl


Today I’m wearing Booth and Bruce and I love this frame for the way it highlights all the right features of my face without being too obvious.

Booth and Bruce was born in England in the 1990’s and aim to ‘deliver funky, fashionable frames’.

This frame ticks the boxes for me for a comfortable every day frame that offers just a hint of unique style by the shape.

If you’re after a frame that is elegant and modern that will last through the seasons, this is a range you need to find.


Enhance your style with RAEN

The Raen customer is not a trendsetter. They’re not looking at fashion sites, or stressing over how many likes or followers they have on Instagram. The Raen customer is outside enjoying life. They’re exploring, laughing, creating and being uniquely themselves. They’re the type of people that always look stylish because they are true to themselves. Trends will come and go, but true style will always win.

Raen are all about the Californian lifestyle – which correlates to the way we enjoy the outdoors here in Australia. Sunshine, fresh air, and nature have inspired the Raen collection, which focuses on creating pieces that are ‘inspired by the classics, handmade for today’.

With both sun and optical options for men and women, the overall feel of the collection is minimalist, understated style. This range is not designed to stand out, but more to compliment the wearers own unique personality. With frames made from premium quality Acetates and metals, and lenses made by Zeiss (industry leaders), a purchase form Raen is one that you know is going to last.

The current collection features vintage shaped metal frames, and the classic styling of golden honey acetates in rounded medium size shapes that appeal to all. What I really like about this collection is the quality in simplicity. The designs have beautiful smooth lines and are all extremely comfortable to wear. All models have the ability to have prescription lenses into them, making the Raen collection a true dual purpose option. The use of classic tortoiseshell, black and pastel crystal acetates will appeal to a large range of wearers, who are after eyewear that they love now and will for a long time yet.

If you’re after a range that guarantees value for money and a look that will work with your unique personality, this is a range well worth investigating.

To find out more, visit raen.com
The Eyewear Girl xo