5 min intro: Booth and Bruce

“The amount of time and effort you put into selecting your eyewear is mirrored by how you feel when you wear it.

It’s like buying a pair of pants from a sales bin, vs getting custom fitted at a boutique. You get what you pay for and your face will show it every time you wear them” -The Eyewear Girl


Today I’m wearing Booth and Bruce and I love this frame for the way it highlights all the right features of my face without being too obvious.

Booth and Bruce was born in England in the 1990’s and aim to ‘deliver funky, fashionable frames’.

This frame ticks the boxes for me for a comfortable every day frame that offers just a hint of unique style by the shape.

If you’re after a frame that is elegant and modern that will last through the seasons, this is a range you need to find.


Francis Klein -Generational Gems

Are you one of those people that struggles to find that ‘perfect’ frame? Are there never enough embellishments, or details on the frames in store? Then this is one brand you need to look into. With Francis Klein you can select the shape, colour, hand detail and embellishment level on every single piece.

Francis Klein
Francis Klein Wolf Exceptional

Founded by optician Francis Klein and his wife Michèle in 1970, this family business is now run by their two Daughters Dixie and Betty in a Parisian showroom. The girls have developed the brand into a new era for bespoke eyewear, whilst still managing to keep the companies’ morals close to heart; craftsmanship, personalization, elegance and creativity. Better still, they have avoided any mass producing despite how popular they have become, insisting on keeping a small team to personalise each and every frame at a level you just cant get with a large factory. In fact, they are a team of four that customise the eyewear, with specialised skills such as hand engraving, laser drawing, rhinestone placement, 3D element and haute couture jewellery placement. If you’re after customised eyewear with history, this is the range for you.


When looking through the collection, the first thing that comes to mind is GLAMOUR. With shapes mirroring those popular from the 1970’s, these frames are more a piece of wearable art rather than just another frame. There is passion, personality and individual style in every single piece.

The details are incredible too. Even at the most basic of their designs, the shapes and colour of the quality acetates are a statement on their own. Moving onto lazer etching and colourful Rhinestones which are hand placed into the acetate frame, your freedom to create your own vision is only just beginning. The team at Francis Klein have so many stunning models for inspiration I honestly am going to struggle to know where to start! When you then look to the options of the metal motives and larger rhinestone embellishments, you are guaranteed a piece that will be a head turner for all of the right reasons. Glamour, style, and originality are all moulded into your very own Francis Klein Frame.

This is not a paid review either. I just really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into frames like these and want to highlight pure talent in eyewear wherever I get the chance. These frames will not be for everyone, but for those of us who see eyewear as an expression of individual identity and hand made techniques as an art skill, we appreciate the delicate nature of this collection.

I can’t wait to explore this range more, and I hope you get the chance to as well!

The Eyewear Girl x

Francis Klein Fire B98
Francis Klein Bolivar B59
Francis Klein Bow N36