Face A Face

I honestly don’t know what else this frame has to do to be given ‘iconic’ status.
Yes it’s been around for a while, and yes a LOT of people own it in at least one colour, but, the shape and fit is still so on trend! 

Face a Face shade 2

It suits almost all face shapes and comes in so many colours you’re bound to fall in love with more than one. 
I don’t own this one but after taking these pics I’m considering it…. probably for the 5 th time over 8 years haha

The interesting thing is, over the years when I’ve gone into Optical practices to look at frames, people have always commented that I should wear warm colours – Reds, Oranges, Browns. While I don’t disagree, I think this Face a Face proves that a particular ‘colour’ isn’t the issue with wearing it. There is a blue, Red, Green, Orange and Pink for everyone!

Although this frame isn’t new, it is still rich in design and true to the Face a Face element of colour work being absolute perfection, and I’m sure it’ll come home with me some day very soon!

Eyewear: Face a Face Shade 2 c1221