Social Media Assistance Packages

2020 has been a year that has changed the way we all do business. How we communicate with our customers is more important than ever, and during the spike of the COVID-19 pandemic most business’ scrambled to figure out how to best utilize the communication avenues they already had in place.

The jump to using Social Media platforms as a primary source of information for both Optical practices and the Retail industry as a whole, is a change that is here for good. It’s now time to learn about how to use these platforms for your business.

There are many options for Social Media Management out there online, from companies offering to build you new websites to enhance your social media (which you don’t need) to running your entire social media and marketing strategies for you. I’m not going to lie, these are not cheap offers and lets face it, right now every dollar your business has is worth more to you than it did 12 months ago.

What I have come up with is a plan designed specifically for Optical practices, who want (and need) to learn how to grown their identity on the most popular Social Media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. What’s different with my packages is that I know your industry inside out, and don’t want you to rely on me long term. I want to teach you how to run your social media platforms confidently and professionally yourself, saving you money that could be spent elsewhere in your business.

Having a solid Social Media presence online will help you connect with your current customers and patients, grow your business with new patients and enhance your communication and marketing plan without spending money on someone who doesn’t understand the complex industry we are in.

Please have a look over my packages below (download for a clearer view), and then reach out. Packages can be altered to fit your business’s specific needs and I am always here to answer questions. I’d love to hear any feedback even if you’re not in a position of needing my help at this stage.

To start making a difference to your business with my Social Media Assistance packages, if you have any questions or just to leave a comment, please email me:

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