Let’s get Felted!

Eyewear accessories have been having a moment throughout 2020, from chains, to carry bags, personalised cleaning cloths and more. Cases have always been a staple when it comes to eyewear, but they’ve never really been considered ‘picture worthy’.

Until now.

Traditionally cases annoy people more than help them. When I deliver new spectacles to clients, you’d be surprised how many people decline to even take the case because it’s too big, too bulky our just plain ugly. And I have to agree! The more you spend on eyewear, the uglier and less convenient the case tends to be!

You can imagine how excited I was when I started to see gorgeous pics popping up all over my Instagram of cases that were fun, looked practical and had a colour for every single frame I own!

The Brand is Felted.

The idea is brilliant.

And the product has started a trend in Australia that cannot be ignored!

There are currently 6 case designs available from Felted, and all are made in a myriad of colours ranging from the neutral tones right through to fluro colours. I absolutely adore them!

The entire range is lightweight but sturdy, there’s a design to fit all sizes of eyewear, and they can of course all be used for alternate needs. What’s even better is that Felted is an Australian business, founded in VIC by Helen D.

I recently caught up with her to find out more about Felted.

TEG: How did FELTED come to be?

 H: “Earlier this year when all the business’ came to a halt, I became really present to the need to create other avenues for income. At the same time I have been thinking about accessories for a while. I love being creative, love doing things myself, love colour. I also see how opticians can benefit from selling accessories. It’s easy and fun. As the saying goes, it sells itself. 

TEG: Who is the FELTED team?

H: It is mainly me. Sometimes I invite my friend (another mum from my kids ballet classes) to help me with sewing. 

TEG: Can you explain a day in the life working at FELTED?

H: I’m always thinking of new case ideas. Choosing colour combinations, perfecting my sewing technique. Spend some time creating Instagram my feed. Attracting professional photographers to take photos.

TEG: What makes you so passionate about your products?

H: My motto is that “I am in the business of letting colour, fun and light into womens’ lives. They experience comfort and lightness, variety and warmth. Smiles touch their faces every time they use my cases. Women love who they are!”  

That what makes me passionate about what I do. 

TEG: Of all your creations, which is your favourite product?

H: Definitely, the press-stud case. It is super easy, sleek and it comes in soooo many colours. I can’t stop expanding the colour range in it.  

And consumers agree, the press stud case is Felted’s top selling product.

In a year where businesses are struggling and most of us are unsure about the future, Helen sees 2020 as an opportunity to “Learn, Grow and Revamp”. The little bit of colour injection we see from the products is certainly brightening up our news feeds!

With 2020 being just the beginning for Felted, you can bet the range is only going to grow as the business continues to expand into more practices. More case designs are already on the way, with custom printing in the pipelines as well. With many optical practices already stocking the Felted collection, these cases are sure to be in high demand in the months leading up to Christmas. An easy stocking filler or add-on accessory, value for money in this range is definitely there.

For more information on products, sales, or information on becoming a stockist, you can find Helen on the Felted website:


Or Instagram @felted.com.au

Em xo

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