Optical Practice Range Review

Product can be the most exciting, and the most stressful part of an Independent Eyewear practice. Eyecare is first and foremost what you are about but, having the right frame and sunglass selection is what keeps your customer in store and also attracts new business for you. Knowing and understanding your demographic is key to getting your stock formula right, but many practices are unsure of how to manage their stock ranges effectively.

Included in The Eyewear Girl Range Review, everything is covered including your sales history, current pricing structure, marketing options, wholesaler relationships and most importantly – Product range performance. I work with you as a practice to establish your range goals, current issues and work through your inventory to come up with a report showing all you need to know about your current situation. Your review reports will also include suggestions on what ranges may be best for you to move though, new range options and ways to enhance brand sales in store by merchandising suggestions based on you customer demographic.


  • 1hr initial phone consultation to establish your needs and expectations
  • Review of your last 12 months turnover, purchases, and marketing per range for the category/categories selected
  • Report showing results of the above, as well as your current range listing laid out in a format you can keep and use
  • A Listing of all of your obsolete / slow stock and a plan on how to move them from the business
  • A list of recommendations on how to improve and/or get more out of your product range based on all of the above data.
  • 1hr phone meeting to discuss the results

Pricing (AUD):

RX Frames only $399.00

Sunglasses only $329.00

RX Frames and Sunglasses $599.00

*Please note that for any store with an excess of 1000 units for RX frames, or 500 Sunglasses, an additional fee of $150 will be applied.

**A deposit of 50% is required upfront, with the balance to be paid within 30 days of invoice. Prices are GST inclusive

A little about me, and why I can help your business

Firstly, I am fiercely passionate about quality Eyewear and the Optical Industry.

I created my blog ‘The Eyewear Girl’ to empower consumers to question and start to understand what their options are when it comes to purchasing eyewear. My social media pages are also a refence for people within the industry to source information and inspiration for both fashion, and business ideas.

I’ve been in the Australian Optical Industry now for over 18 years. I started out as a qualified Optical Mechanic and dispenser, then went on to Optical Training, Store and Business management, Marketing, Sales Representative and National Sales Manager roles. My passion, has always been with focusing on quality product and the Independent practice.

2020 has been a nightmare of a year so far and I want to put my years of experience to good use by supporting independent Optometry practices. Product ranging is one area a successful practice needs to be on top of, and with my experience across the industry I am in the perfect position to offer a non-biased review and give you some certainty about your spending habits at this difficult time for small business.

For full terms and conditions, please view on my website under T’s and C’s.

And for any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

E: theeyeweargirl@gmail.com


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