Winter Sun with Vera Wang

In a world where  lot of fashion designers are releasing eyewear collections but having nothing to actually do with the design, I think its important to appreciate the people that DO actually design these pieces.

Does Vera Wang actually have anything to do with the design process of her eyewear? I honestly don’t know, but someone – either one of her designers or herself – got this model VERY right.

Vera Wang V475 TO

I was lucky enough to be sent this model for review, and while I’m not a huge fan of round sunglasses (as they are usually not the right shape for my face), this particular one has a difference to others I’ve recently tried- It’s all in the shape.


It may look like its ‘just round’, but the designers have actually given the lower outside a bit of a ‘lift’ in the shape. When on the face this creates a more feminine look overall compared to a true round, and works on a wider variety of faces.

What else made me give this model my tick of approval?

The subtle taupe colour of the acetate. It goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Its as classic as a little black dress but with a more subtle way of making a statement.

The thin metal details mean that this model is lightweight and not overstated. The brushed finish on the soft gold colour of the metal means it can also be worn with yellow gold, rose gold or silver accessories and not clash.img_6569

And finally, the soft graduated brown lens is a perfect match for the rest of the design. It blends perfectly with the light coloured frame but is still enough of a tint to offer decent glare reduction, especially in winter or on overcast days.


So, while this model carries a designer and name, the details and thought process that has gone into its design makes it well worthy of a look.It would be great investment piece as while its extremely on trend now, its not so uniquely on trend that it will be off any time soon.




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