Jono Hennessey: Australian Optics Royalty

Jonathan Hennessey Sceats is a name that is synonymous with eyewear in the Australian Optical Industry. Anyone that’s been in the industry for a decent length of time has ranged, or at the very least, come across the Sceats or Jono Hennessey collections.

Since the 1990’s when Jono sold the Sceats eyewear collection to focus on his own more ‘unique’ range, amazingly the name held onto its identity as a brands known for quality, comfort and bright and innovative work with colours and patterns. Sceats has now become an easy access and easy to wear range, while the Jono Hennessey Signature collection is focused on creating unique one-off pieces that are a more of a wearable expression of art.

I was lucky enough recently to come across a few of the current range, and was drawn to the carousel style of the Freesia 8466 1.

img_5940The shape is fairly universal but oh-so-comfy and tends to give the eye area a little bit of a lift without actually being even slightly cats eye. It’s all in the fit.

What makes these frames so lustworthy is that no two are ever the same: There is actually fabric cut individually for every single frame, which is enclosed  – laminated in fact – into the actetate to form the finished product. Each temple is different, and every single front is different. So even if you do happen to come across someone wearing the same frame, they will have a unique version of it, the colours will be in a different place within the frame.

It’s no wonder that stores are doing whatever they can to get this range in store. While there are plenty of others out there trying to be their version of ‘unique’, not many focus on the detail of fabric in each individual frame and still manage to pull off a range that appeals across such a wide demographic of wearer.

To be honest it has been a little while since I have seen this full collection, but I am counting down the days until I get to explore it some more at O=MEGA19 in Melbourne!

If you do get a chance to view this range, take the time to touch, feel, play and definitely try as many as you can on. Once you notice the details, it’s hard to move on.


Featured Frame: Jono Hennessey,  Freesia 8466 1


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