REVIEW: Ryan Adda ME London

Every now and then in our industry, something catches your attention that makes you want to investigate. Something that challenges your previous opinions on a colour, a material, or even brand. Something that has a  little spark of difference that hits you in the right way.

Enter the brand RYAN ADDA  (

When I started talking to Ryan it was obvious that we were on the same page. “Your eyewear should reflect your individual personality” is actually written on each of our websites. And their designs are based around the idea to ‘bridge the gap’ between young trendsetters and progressive lens wearers that are in no way looking to give up their style. My kind of thinking!

So when I decided to do a review I was excited, but also a little nervous. Lets be honest; we all know pink minimalist metal frames have never been my thing.

I love bright, I love detail and I love eyewear that has an eccentric energy, much like myself ha. But it’s not always about me. I was intrigued.

IS there a place in our industry right now for the titanium frame to re-appear? Do the younger generation really want frames that are delicate and soft? Yes, there are of course people out there that want minimalist frames and a ‘safer’ style option than the brightly coloured acetates, but the RYAN ADDA collection Is different. There’s a focus on detail and style. The colours are on trend and the shapes are very NOW. So Ryan sent me the frame and I realised there is so much more to the minimalist style that what I’ve previously given it credit for.

When I first saw the RYAN ADDA ME London c5, my reaction was “wow- it’s a real ‘pink’ rose gold”, but when I put it on it complimented my skin tone perfectly, which is no easy feat. My complexion is that olive mix of an Italian / Australian,  that is inside WAY too much of the time.  The soft gold inside is also a nice touch.

The next thing I noticed was the intricate detail in the design. I adore the split bridge as it ads a touch of ‘unique’ without detracting from the overall delicate design. The lens is still bevelled as a normal metal fit, so it wont cause any issues in the lab. The antique finish on the front joint of the temple is also beautiful, just enough to highlight the workmanship, but not too obvious that it would take away from the overall balance.

And the shape – it’s a little different. With a slight tilt towards a hexagonal top, and a more traditional round bottom, they have created a shape that is going to work on just about anyone. Deep enough for any progressive lens wearer, the thin titanium keeps this style light, so at the same time it won’t look too big or bulky on even the most petite faces.


So, in summary, this frame and the team at RYAN ADDA have definitely opened my eyes to the place in our collections for something softer. And not just for those who want their eyewear to blend into their complexion; also for those of us who have the bright bold colourful frames. We need something different. Something beautiful and delicate that shows style, and perfect design composure. Something minimalist for those days when we need our eyes to do the talking rather than our frames.

So will you see me in them again you ask???

Yes, yes you will 🙂


Featured Eyewear: RYAN ADDA ME London, c5 49-21 – TITANIUM


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