Time to talk PD’s

If you do know what a PD is, you probably know where I’m going with this. If you don’t, it’s VERY important that you keep reading!

Let me start by saying,

  • If you don’t know what PD stands for
  • If you’ve never had this measurement taken professionally before
  • If you actually care about the health of not only you eyes but your wellbeing too…


PD stands for Pupil Distance (pupillary distance), the distance in mm between both of your pupils. You will have a slightly different PD for each different focal point, and there is no such things as a ‘standard’ PD. Getting this measurement incorrect CAN potentially cause issues with your eyes, cause headaches and complicate future prescriptions.


At least a few times every week I hear stories or meet people who are having problems with glasses they have purchased online, and most of these issues end up relating back to the wrong PD being either measured, or made up incorrectly in the glasses.

Wearing the wrong PD will mostly feel like your eyes are ‘pulling’ either to the left or right, and essentially this is what is happening. This creates what we call ‘prism’ in your lens, and is sometimes used to try and correct a turned eye. You can image how this could be damaging to you if you are wearing lenses like this unnecessarily.

Now some people will say that I’m being a little overdramatic, and in some cases that is true, some prescriptions will tolerate a certain amount of ‘error’ without effecting your vision or health of your eyes, but I just know personally, I wouldn’t want to do that to my eyes.img_4130

Glasses are first and foremost for your HEALTH. Yes we enjoy the fashion side of them, but in all seriousness, your lenses are the most important part of any purchase. If you actually care about your eyes it is always worth visiting your Eyecare professionals in person to ensure all of the measurements are taken and manufactured exactly as prescribed.

Eyewear: Vanni Eyewear


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