Valley Eyewear – Seylah

By now you all know how passionate I am about Eyewear representing your personality. Whether it be Prescription or not, Sunglasses or Optical frames, wearing any type of Eyewear should be a reflection of YOU.

And finally, I have found my Sunglass MATCH!!

A little bit rock, a little bit girly and very loud – this is me all over! Just ask anyone that knows me 😉

I am so excited to finally own my own pair of Valley Sunglasses, and although I’ve only worn them a couple of times so far, each time I do go out in them they sure do get attention!

I was drawn to these for a number of reasons. Firstly, I know that a cats-eye shape is the best for me. It’s taken many years of denial, convincing, mentally arguing with myself and playing with 100’s of shapes to get to this point, but almost every cats-eye frame I try on works with my face shape.

Secondly, it was the colour. I’m not usually one for pink, but the soft graduation in the acetate through to the crystal at the bottom gave this an edge that you don’t usually see with pastels, and I’m always up for something  a little different. This particular hue of pink will also work on most skin tones as close to a neutral, and will not clash with many colours at all.img_3415

Lastly, the detail. The gunmetal / silver ‘brow’ gives these their edge, and their designers have somehow managed to get the balance just right, so that the detail is noticed, but doesn’t make the wearer look like Frida Kahlo (love her btw).


Of course fit and comfort are always incredibly important too, and these fit like a glove the second I unpacked them. If you have a petite face, these are defiantly with a look.

I can’t wait to see what Valley release nest, I’m sure I’ll be investing in a second pair from them very soon!

Eyewear: Valley Eyewear Seylah Baby pink / Crystal.


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