Where to start when looking for new Eyewear

One of the most common questions I get asked by people who need a new frame is:
“Where do I start?”
as their terrified faces scan the walls of frames in front of them.
What annoys me is when some salespeople/ dispensers/ opticians at this point, head straight to the frames and THEY start picking options from the shelf for the customer to try. Have they known you for more than 5 mins? Do they know what you think to yourself every time you put your frames on in the morning? I somehow doubt it.

The truth is, where you should actually start is nowhere near the frame wall.

You should start with selecting the right practice for you. Do they have reputable staff? Do they offer products that align with your needs? Were you happy with the outcome and service last time? Do you feel like you’re being listened to?

Once you’re in store, and happy with your eye test, the next step still isn’t frames. 4bef04df-409f-4cfb-a60f-60f2787332c2

Next, you should be discussing the outcome of your eye exam with whoever is going to be assisting you with your purchase eg sales staff, dispenser, optician or in some stores the Optometrist. They should be asking you questions about your understanding of the prescription, and your lens options ( if this wasn’t part of your exam).

They should also ask you about your previous glasses and experiences to get an understanding of what YOU like/ don’t like.
– What did you like about your last glasses?
– Were the frames comfortable?
– Did you have any issues adapting to your lenses?
– Tell me about what you want your new frames to say about YOU.

Now, I know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to helping people select new frames. You’re also not going to get this kind of service everywhere.

What I’m trying to point out, is that these are the sorts of things that SHOULD be considered when purchasing new glasses (this is a very short example for now).

NOW it’s time to start trying on frames.
If you consider and understand the above points first, the frame selection process will be a lot less daunting.
You are also far more likely to end up with a look that you LOVE  .

So, next time you’re looking for new specs, take your time.
Understand what your money is going towards, and what your options are.

BOTTOM LINE: Always ask questions


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