The minimalist spare pair

Every now and then, you just don’t want to have to think about it. You just want to throw on something comfortable, know it looks perfect no matter what you’re wearing and just get on with your day.

This is why I always recommend having at LEAST one spare pair of glasses.

Some people like to have their ‘loud’ frames, then their spare pair is their ‘quiet’ frame.
If this sounds like you, don’t use this excuse to just get any old frame- minimalist looks are very on trend right now and sometimes being understated is a statement itself.

If you’re looking at crystal frames, make sure you try on a few different TONES. ‘Clear’ isn’t always ‘clear’ – and even when it is it doesn’t suit all skin tones like you would expect it to.

There are crystal frames with a hint of rose, blush, yellow, brown, green, blue- basically they’re all there somewhere.
So as always,
DO take your time ✔️
DO make sure you have a spare pair✔️
DON’T buy crystal frames online because the colours are never what you think they will be once you get them on ✖️
DON’T ever settle when buying glasses✖️- even if they’re a spare pair, they can still be fabulous

Eyewear: Oliver London


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