Complimentary Colours


So many people are often scared to change the colour or style of their glasses because they’re not sure if anything else will suit them. So, we end up wearing Black, Tortioseshell or basic metal frames. But why is it that everyone tries on the colourful frames first, but then settle for ‘safe’?

Processed with MOLDIV
Transparent Red by Made in Italy

Its because we, as humans, simply don’t like change. We don’t have the confidence to try things that don’t feel natural. My advice when people comment that they don’t want to wear colour because ‘it will clash with other colours’ ? It’s simple: Match the colour of the frame to your skin tone and you can’t go wrong.


For example, there are right and wrong depths of colour for each skin tone. The safest three colours to try first are Red, Purple and Blue. This is because at least one of these colours will have a shade that suits anyone. Start by finding 4-5 frames of one particular colour, ignoring the shape, fit and details; you’re only looking at colour for now. So, you might end up with a pink red, an orange red, fire engine red, cherry red and burgundy red.

It is simply a matter of trying them on one after another and being critical with the colours once they are on you. Tip: Do this in at least 2 different light conditions, like near a window then in a dark corner of a room, or fluorescent lighting. I find the easiest way to eliminate frames is by comparing 2 at a time against each other, and selecting only one of them. In the end you will end up with only one frame, which will be an indication of the TONE of colour suits you best.

After this you can move on to material, shape, fit etc.

My kind of red: Marc Vincent by Van Staveren

By finding one of these colours in the right tone for you, you’re ready to step out of the ‘neutral trap’ and give your look some more energy.

In summary: If the tone of the colour matches the tone of your skin, the frame will only compliment what you wear, or become unnoticeable against an opposing colour. Be brave, have fun and trust your gut!




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