Childe Eyewear – Review ‘EXIT’

Recently I road tested the ‘Exit’ sunglass by @childe_co

Firstly, I just want to say that I had that dress on BEFORE the parcel arrived – I promise!!!So, let’s get straight into it !

C H I L D E is an Australian brand, with their range being made in Italy. Childe’s reputation is that of a rebel at a music festival- loud, non-apologetic and full of raw energy.

The first thing I noticed was that it is SUPER light and fits very comfortably. The lenses are beautifully clear to look through. From the image on their website I was expecting the lenses to be a very light blue but in fact they are a medium grey blue. Which does suit more light conditions. I wore them at the beach and didn’t have any difficulty with glare, and the blue hue was a softer version of grey than I’m used to, which is great for overcast conditions.
Minor disappointment that the design doesn’t have spring hinges on the temple, I know it’s a personal choice but I know my sunnies always stay in shape a lot longer with springs. This next point is more a fault of mine, but the shape was a little ‘off ‘ for my face. I LOVE the Heptagon shape, but the top of the lens was a little long (wide) and it looks a little unbalanced on my petite face. I think the shape will work well on anyone that doesn’t have as long and thin a face as I do.

PS…HOW COOL IS THE PATTERN ?!? I know, looks aren’t everything, but first impressions are, and this one has me hooked.

RRP in Australia is $190.00

Investment worthy? 8/10
– These are perfect if you want something that has a unique style, is good quality and offers good sun protection without the designer price tag.


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