Are gimmicks worth it?

Eyewear tip #3

ALWAYS look for quality frames over anything that is a ‘gimmick’.

There is absolutely no point of owning a pair of awesome frames if they fall apart on you two months after you purchase them. I see it time and time again in store – people invest in their lenses, have them put into a frame they have found online against their Optometrists’ advice, then come in shortly after when they have broken only to find that doe to the poor quality of the frame – nothing can be done. Simply isn’t worth it.img_3161

For example: Folding frames are very popular, but there are a lot of cheap versions being made that have the function, but not the quality. And, most often they are not much cheaper than the better quality brands.

So, as always, go to an Optometry practice or Optical Dispenser who you trust to give you an HONEST opinion.


The pics here are of Prodesign (Danish Heritage collection) model 4759.

Prodesign are known for their solid and stable designs and high quality materials. So when they release something a little unique, you are far better off going for a brand like this that knows their design and material limitations.

If you’re ever in doubt – ask a professional. In the long run you will save yourself money.



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