Optical frame or Sunglass?

Featuring Marc Vincent Lublin

Never underestimate how good an optical frame can look with tinted lenses.

Any optical frame can have tinted sun lenses put in them whether you need prescription or not- which actually gives you complete control over what lenses you have put in them too!

For example, you can select whether or not you want polarised lenses, a  graduated or solid tint, what colour tint and if you want a mirror coating or not. And these days the options are almost limitless. You can opt for photochromic lenses, and also the density.

I honestly didn’t even know these sunglasses were an optical frame design with tinted lenses when I first saw them! It took me 3 weeks to figure it out, and that was only because the Rep told me.

So, whether you need prescription lenses or not, if you’re struggling to find sunglasses that you like, don’t be afraid to include optical frames in your search, you never know what you might come across.

Frame: Marc Vincent Lublin Marine



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